4 most common reasons of knee pain

The knee is a fascinating structure that is made up of three bones, two menisci, three compartments, four ligaments, cartilage, and several muscles and tendons. Balanced motion of all of these structures allows the knee to move optimally and pain free. Popping, less than optimal function and pain can occur when any one of these components is not working at full capacity. This can occur from injury, overly tight muscles, and even from foot, ankle or hip problems that shift the way the knee is used. A common musculoskeletal problem in all types of people is Knee pain. Fortunately, knee dysfunction is treatable with chiropractic manipulation. Consult with a chiropractor familiar with knee conditions to determine the cause of your pain. These four reasons below are the most common causes of knee pain: 

Causes and Symptoms


Knee pain includes an examination of the muscles, ligaments, joints, and posture, as well as discussing past injuries and lifestyle habits that contributed to your condition.


Knee conditions do not require surgery and respond well to conservative treatment like chiropractic. To learn more about treatment, contact me for a FREE consultation.

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