Chiropractor Can Help Office Workers Relieve Pain and Stress

Man pinching in between his eyes

While office workers do not risk serious physical injuries in the course of the average day, chronic pain has become normal for people who work full-time at a desk. Over time, bad posture and poorly designed work spaces can cause damage to the back, shoulders, neck and wrists, among other areas. A qualified chiropractor will relieve this pain through various treatments designed specifically for office workers.

The first visit to a chiropractor allows the specialist to get an understanding where you are experiencing pain. Many office employees report problems with their necks, which is normal when most of the day is spent looking down at keyboards, phones and documents at a desk. Issues with the lower and upper back are also very common, and these problems are tied to the way we sit throughout the day.

Alignments, back massages and stretches often leave patients feeling relieved after a visit. In addition, chiropractors can help design a plan for you use every day at the office. Reducing your symptoms will empower with more positive energy; hence, changing the way you sit at work and how you spend your free time gives you a long-term and productive plan.

The human body is not designed to sit for 8-10 hours a day, so there is no magic formula for continuing this regimen. Instead, a chiropractor can show you how to limit the stress you put on different areas of your body. For example, the position of your computer monitor has a lot to do with how your neck feels. Likewise, where you place your feet and the height/shape of your desk chair may be the reason for your back pain. How often you take a break also matters.

Doctor Ash, The Chiro Guy will also advise you on how to strengthen the parts of your body taxed the most during the day. A program involving light pilates, yoga and basic exercise will give you added flexibility and reduce the creakiness in the back that is normal for office workers. Routine visits to your chiropractor will make these healthy habits part of your regular schedule.

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