Walk Away from Winter

During the winter we often find ourselves inactive and hibernating for extended periods within our homes. Let’s be honest, for many, counting the days until the seasons change and warmth returns does not include much exercise or outdoor activities. If you typically avoid a regular exercise regimen during the winter months, the reputable Los Angeles chiropractor – Dr. Ash has advice on getting your body moving again. And it all starts with a walk.

It is not necessary (even recommended) to start your walking program with a goal of speed or the much touted 10,000 steps a day. Because your body may be stiff and lack flexibility from inactivity during the winter months, start out with a distance and pace that is comfortable for you.

If you have concerns about motivating yourself and need some support grab a companion or join a walking group. You may find spending time with others during your stroll will help make the time go by quickly, and the steps add up without you being aware.

As your distance and time increase, your stamina, flexibility and muscle strength will improve. In addition, walking daily can lead to a multitude of other benefits including improved balance and coordination, weight loss, and heart health.

Other simple ways to incorporate walking into your daily routine:

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