What to Do When You Injure Your Lower Back

Lower back

There are various causes and types of lower back injuries. Doing something outside of your routine makes you more prone to injury. Often, lower back injuries occur when you are doing an activity that falls outside of your normal routine, whether it’s helping someone to move furniture, or going to the gym after a long absence. Being mindful of your lower back and its general vulnerability goes a long way towards injury prevention. However, what should you do when the damage has already been done and you are feeling intense pain in your lower back?

Apply Ice

Applying ice is an effective short-term strategy to reduce inflammation in the lower back. It may be uncomfortable, but doing this will greatly speed up your recovery time.

Keep Moving

The last thing you want to do is to stop moving around. Your spine is supposed to move just like any other body part. Staying in bed will only worsen your problems as well as making your other supportive muscles weaker. Even if it is painful, make sure to take a walk at least once per day. By all means, avoid vigorous activities if you experience severe pain, but just don’t forget to move!

See a Professional

One must definitely visit their chiropractor as soon as possible for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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