Why Regular Exercise is Important

There are several people who tend to find reasons why they are unable to exercise. The top reason (or excuse) that people say is that they don’t have enough time. It is true that it can be difficult to find time in a busy schedule to work out; however, it is important that people make fitness a priority. Almost everyone has at least thirty minutes every day to spare, so there is no reason you shouldn’t be sweating at least five days every week. Why should we make this a priority? It is one of the best ways to reach optimal health.

It is a huge misconception to think that exercise is solely for weight loss. It is true that exercise can assist with managing weight, but diet plays a bigger role in weight loss. Exercise is important for keeping your muscles strong and healthy. If you discontinue exercising, your joints will become injured and stiff.

In addition to keeping your muscles healthy, exercise has many other benefits. Regular exercise significantly decreases the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, depression, Type 2 diabetes, and more. Exercise also improves flexibility, stamina, and tones your muscles. Resistance training is great for improving your posture, and aerobic exercises (i.e., walking, riding a bike) are excellent for improving one’s stamina. Not only will you look better when you exercise, you will feel great too! Regular stretching, such as yoga, will increase flexibility, and will allow you to bend and twist without injuring your muscles and joints. Exercising regularly also reduces stress, improves sleep, boosts your energy level and lifts your mood.

If you haven’t been working out, make sure to begin slow to prevent injury. There are many people who begin by doing too much, and then are too sore to work out after only one day! If you need assistance getting started on a fitness routine, feel free to reach out to me! Keep in mind – it’s never too late to get started on your fitness journey!

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