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NormaTec Q&A

What is NormaTec?

NormaTec is the leader in rapid recovery—our systems give a competitive edge to the world’s elite athletes, anyone with a physically demanding lifestyle, and individuals suffering from a variety of circulatory disorders. Whether your readers work out regularly, are training for a competition or race, experience swollen legs from traveling frequently, stand for long hours on the job, or suffer from inflammation or sore muscles, NormaTec will enhance circulation, improve mobility, and give them Fresh Legs Faster®.

The NormaTec PULSE Recovery Systems are dynamic compression devices that utilize our patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern to help athletes and patients rehab and recover faster. Our systems include a control unit and attachments which go on the legs, arms, or hips. They use compressed air to massage the limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery.

Why choose NormaTec?

  • Speeds up recovery
  • Increases circulation
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Patented technology for proven results
  • Relied on by 97% of pro teams See more about our technology here