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Dr. Ash Khodabakhsh, DC

Dr. Ash Khodabakhsh, DC — also known as “The Chiro Guy” — is an experienced, dedicated chiropractor at The Chiro Guy’s Pilates and Wellness Center in Los Angeles. He’s a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College and has years of experience assisting treatment of athletes on the court and field. Dr. Ash specializes in a wide range of traditional and state-of-the-art holistic treatments at his Pilates and wellness center — including chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, Pilates, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, and assisted stretching.



Ashley Stephens

Ashley Stephens is a fitness and wellness consultant who specializes in strengthening and conditioning the body. Ashley began movement study as a dancer studying Classical Ballet for 16 years. Ashley is also professionally trained in jazz, modern, tap, contemporary, yoga and commercial dance. Ashley brings ease and simplicity to incorporating movement into anyones regular routine. After becoming certified in Classical Pilates, Ashley focuses on captivating her clients to be dedicated to their overall health in body, mind and spirit.  Ashley is available for assisted stretching as well as private pilates training sessions.




Akiko started her fitness career teaching group fitness and spinning and completed her NASM Certification in 1993 and began specializing in Pilates in 2005.

Throughout her career she has trained and worked with a variety of individuals from moms, dads,  professional athletes’, actors, doctors and business professionals. Assisting them in reaching their fitness goals or helping them to understand and heal their body from injuries and various degenerative disorders. Akiko works closely with her clients sharing correct posture and alignment to insure that they achieve the best results. Her knowledge of movement and anatomy gives her clients the understanding they need to take their achievement outside the studio  into their day to day routines.

When she not in the gym she can be found Hiking, Camping, cooking with kids, hosting dinner parties for friends and family or watching documentaries or Sci-fi on Netflixs or catching up on Laundry.



Jordan Vega

Jordan Vega is an experienced athlete and fitness enthusiast who specializes in physical therapy and digital marketing. Jordan has worked in professional sports and with professional athletes on the Los Angeles Galaxy and Los Angeles Sparks. Jordan earned his bachelors degree in kinesiology from Whittier College, his masters degree in sports management from the University of San Francisco and has plans to obtain his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Jordan currently focuses on improving and executing digital strategies to maximize patient experiences. 



Fred Ragsdale, DACM, L. Ac

Dr. Fred Ragsdale, DACM, L.Ac. is an acupuncturist and a primary care physician who specializes in Integrative Pain Medicine. Through his years of clinical experience in multiple countries as well as post-doctoral studies at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California and ZheJian Hospital in Shanghai, China, Dr. Ragsdale has mastered an integrated and patient-centric approach which provides immediate pain relief and long term healing for a variety of conditions including musculoskeletal and internal diseases. 

Dr. Ragsdale’s compassionate care creates physical harmony and heals the whole body, promotes hormonal balance and restores energy. He is dedicated to his patients and understands that pain is the body’s way of expressing an imbalance. Your customized treatment will focus on healing and restoration so that your body can strengthen itself from within and allow you to enjoy a life filled with quality and joy.



Robert Hower

Robert Hower has been a massage therapist with over 15 years of experience working on everyone from professional athletes to ballerinas to stay-at-home moms. He knows that everyone is different and structures your massage to your personal needs. 

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