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Chronic low back pain can be miserable. The dull ache in your back can keep you from enjoying your favorite sport, or even affect your sleep. Persistent lower backache can also affect your concentration at work. Did you know you don’t have just to live with it? Dr. Ash, The Chiro Guy, offering the best chiropractic care in Los Angeles, can help your aching back.

Chiropractic care utilizes modern diagnostic technology and specialized chiropractic techniques to evaluate the spine and joints for misalignment. A misalignment between the bones in the spine interferes with the nervous system of the body and can cause symptoms such as pain, tightness, and muscle weakness. This misalignment is referred to as a “subluxation”.

Dr. Ash will gently adjust your spine using the latest in chiropractic care methods such as the diversified technique, activator, and Y-strap. These “adjustments” are designed to realign your spine, ensuring each and every nerve is receiving the most efficient signal from the brain via the spinal cord. This will improve nerve function, reduce the nerve irritability that causes your pain, and improve your range of motion.

Dr. Ash also uses supplemental techniques to address muscle tightness and injury that may be pulling your spine out of alignment. He will teach you targeted exercises and relaxation methods to help make your muscles more fluid and limber and reduce your pain.

Back pain treatment options may include:

Effective Chiropractic Care: to improve the alignment of your spine and teach you how to improve your posture at work and at play. Dr. Ash wants you to not only get effective treatment, but to give you the tools you need to truly heal the root cause and prevent further injury. Your back pain treatment will be customized specifically for you and your life.

Exercise: Pilates, Yoga, and other flexibility exercises to improve the range of motion of your lower spine and get rid of that old, creaky feeling. These exercises are gentle and specifically designed to strengthen the muscles that support your spine. Dr. Ash will work with you to develop a customized exercise plan that works with your lifestyle and schedule so that you can joyfully move again.

At our clinics in Los Angeles, we treat your chronic back pain by integrating all of our clinical experience with how you live your life. We give you a specific plan to address your lower back pain effectively.

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We accept many insurance plans, and we also offer flexible payment plans if needed.

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