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Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist – Fay Inger

I first discovered yoga in 2002 and my life has never been the same since. At that time I was plagued with bad posture and yoga was recommended to me to help stretch me out and hopefully repair the bad posture. My first yoga class was complete with candles, incense and soft music and found myself transported away without leaving my body. I was hooked.

At that time, I was a 22 year old full time college student working part time as a paralegal. Yoga provided me the optimum balance to studying for midterms, writing papers, plus assisting the attorney with his legal briefs. In 2003 I graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Minor in Honors English, Magna Cum Laude and on the Dean’s List. I believe the sense of focus I learned studying yoga enabled me to not only graduate with honors while carrying a heavy work load, but to excel.

After graduating from College I was retained as the Head of Purchasing for a top 10 ranked baby gear company in New York, where I worked for two years. I attended trade shows, learned all about baby products and was the go to friend for baby gear advice when my girl friends were having their babies. Through my extensive contacts in the industry, an opportunity presented itself for me to take over a lease and open my own baby store. In January 2006 I opened my very own baby boutique in Brooklyn, New York. I loved the shop, the clientele and the work.

All the while, yoga was still very much an essential part of my life. While the bad posture was long gone, I attended bi-weekly yoga classes and was well on my way to having an advanced practice. The more yoga I practiced, the more evident it became that yoga was not only an integral part of my life, it was my life. In 2008 I decided to attend my first teacher training course.

My amazing and devoted employees doubled up shifts and gave me the time off to attend my first yoga teacher training. I completed my 200 Hour basic yoga teacher training course in August 2008 with Alan Finger, one of the founding fathers of Yoga Works. The month long program set the foundation for my yoga career and I learned the basics of anatomy, yoga poses and yogic philosophy.

After completing my teacher training program I continued to work full time in my shop, plus taught yoga mornings and evenings. From word of mouth I quickly became an in demand yoga teacher. Though I loved both my jobs, it was becoming more and more challenging to juggle two careers. I was faced with a tough decision for my future, and in the summer of 2009 I closed up my shop to commit myself full time to my love of teaching yoga.

In November of 2009 I began a 4 month intensive training towards my 500 Hour Teacher Training with Sri Dharma Mittra. In February of 2010 I completed my training and I learned not only how to “teach yoga” but how to “live yoga” as well. I approached my teaching and students with new appreciation and advanced techniques to share with them.

Part of my requirements for my training was 40 hours of “Karma Yoga” or selfless service at my teacher’s yoga center, as well as teaching 24 yoga classes at no charge to the students. This giving without any expectation of receiving in return has since stayed with me. In addition to gifting free personal yoga sessions to friends and those in need, once a year I raffle off free sessions to friends and strangers alike on my Facebook page.

In the fall of 2010 I relocated from New York to Los Angeles California and picked up where I left off with weekly yoga classes and private sessions. My work ranges from beginners that have never practiced yoga before to advanced students and athletes. There is no injury I cannot work with and no challenge I cannot help my students overcome.

Being the eternal student of yoga, in August 2012 I returned to New York and completed an Advanced 800 Hour Teacher Training program with my Guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. At this training, I was immersed in meditation and pranayama (breathing) exercises, and meditation has since become one of my favorite techniques to share with my students.

In January 2014 I completed an intensive nutrition course and received my Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist degree. In addition to sharing the gift of yoga with my students, I also work with them on their nutrition goals and share in their joy as lose weight.

But perhaps my proudest accomplishment is my life coaching program. Where yoga transforms a person from the inside, and nutrition transforms the outside, life coaching transforms an entire individual. I am inspired by the amazing and positive changes in my clients lives. Empowering people to live life to the fullest is my greatest reward.

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