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Have you or your child suffered an injury playing sports? Sports injuries can include any joint, including the neck, shoulder, wrist, elbow, knees, or ankles. Sports injury treatment doesn’t have to mean drugs or surgery. Dr. Ash, The Chiro Guy, is an expert at utilizing the best chiropractic care to address sports injuries.

Sports injuries affect your child not only in their sports performance but by sidelining them from an activity they love. It’s hard to watch and support the team from the sidelines when you want to be in there helping out and making good plays.

Sports injuries don’t just happen to children either; competitive runners, soccer players, even softball can lead to sports injuries, especially if a player is casual and hasn’t kept up their physical training.

Dr. Ash provides the best chiropractic care in Los Angeles to address sports injuries. His detailed assessment of the spine for misalignment will lead to an integrative, customized plan to help heal the injury and eliminate pain and discomfort. He will also assess the injured joint for proper alignment and muscle injury and weakness.

By making sure not only the spine, but the joints are aligned, the muscles and tendons get a chance to heal properly and help prevent future injury by ensuring proper function and alignment.

Dr. Ash’s team of complementary practitioners will also work with you to support the healing process.

Sports injury options include:

Physical therapy, including yoga and Pilates, to gently strengthen the muscles and tendons while improving range of motion and flexibility.

All of these complementary modalities are offered in-house along with Dr. Ash’s best chiropractic care, so no need to make multiple appointments all over town.

Our two Los Angeles locations are conveniently located near Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Century City.

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