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You lead an active lifestyle that requires peak physical performance. Perhaps you have a high-powered, stressful job that requires all your mental and physical stamina. However, you don’t currently have any chronic pain or other complaints. Dr. Ash, The Chiro Guy, can help you with wellness treatment options to not only keep you in peak optimal health but to reduce the likelihood of future problems.

Dr. Ash’s chiropractic care works to keep your spine and nerve network aligned. When the spine is aligned, all nerve signals are working at peak efficiency. Your body doesn’t have to waste energy dealing with a block in the network; instead, the nerve impulses go exactly where they need to go, and at the right strength and frequency. Your body hums along like the divine machine it was designed to be.

Wellness care with Dr. Ash also involves a thorough assessment of not only your posture but your total lifestyle. Dr. Ash creates a customized treatment plan including chiropractic care for wellness, with supportive modalities. By weaving these complementary practices together, Dr. Ash and his team give you the best wellness care in Los Angeles.

Wellness treatment options include:

Chiropractic care to keep the spine and body aligned properly. When the spine is aligned, health is optimized.

Nutrition guidance to ensure your body is getting its optimal fuel.

Physical therapy like yoga and Pilates, to reinforce chiropractic adjustments and make sure your muscles and spine stay flexible and in alignment regardless of physical activity.

All of these modalities support the foundation of best chiropractic care that Dr. Ash will design just for you.

At his two clinics in Los Angeles, Dr. Ash works with you to optimize your body and give you the wellness treatment experience you’ve been waiting for.

Wellness treatment options in Los Angeles are only a click away. Click on the Book Now tab above to see our schedule and make your first appointment. We are conveniently located near Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Century City.

We are out of network with insurance but you may most likely still have chiropractic coverage. Please contact us and we can check for you. If we do not accept your insurance we are happy to provide an invoice which they/we can submit for reimbursement.

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